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Fair & Affordable Credit

Working with financial services businesses to provide fair and affordable credit to the 17.5m of the UK population in financially vulnerable circumstances.

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Vulnerable Consumers

Enabling consumer facing organisations to improve the experience of vulnerable customers.

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Award Winning Technology

Using our award winning AI-enabled open banking technology, credit risk platform, and specialist services we deliver results that make a real difference.

With our unique combination of data, advanced analytics, technology and regulated permissions, we are the financial technology partner that really understands your business, and your consumers. We create value and new opportunities for consumers and businesses by providing reliable information and solutions, allowing more powerful decisions and accelerating financial inclusion. We deliver specialist advisory services for lenders and debt management firms looking to implement and expand their platforms.

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We specialise in the subprime, responsible finance, consumer lending, and debt management markets in the UK.

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We identify credit risks and vulnerability using open banking, modern technology and relevant and recent data.

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We help you get to market with real-time access to data and credit scoring solutions.

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We build information platforms and incorporate our unique APIs to provide valuable customer insight and integration into operational platforms.

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We are authorised by the FCA to provide account information, payments, and credit risk assessments.

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Our DataFlex service categorises transaction data into actionable insights, such as affordability assessments and I&E profiles.

Using machine learning we have categorised millions of payment transactions and built a large generative AI model to provide real time insights into a consumer’s behaviour.

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Credit Checking

Our Affordwise credit scoring solution is unique as it is entirely focused on subprime. Affordwise calculates scores based on the consumers actual and more recent financial activity. 

This means the consumer gets a fair chance to obtain credit and an improved assessment to repay a debt.

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Income Maximisation

Our DataFlex solution can identify in seconds how your consumer can increase their income by conducting an automated analysis of benefits paid.

We can scan a consumer’s bank transactions and recommend to you the benefits that could be claimed based on the consumer’s income and expenditure profiles.

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AI and ML

Our affordability and credit scoring services use machine learning and generative artificial intelligence to get better decisions quicker.

Our scoring outcomes are explainable to you, the consumer, and the regulator to meet consumer duty obligations.

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Award Winning APIs

Our DataFlex and Affordwise APIs are fully compliant with the FCA regulations for payment services and consumer credit, as well as complying to the open banking guidelines. These APIs are deployable either on their own or part of a wider implementation that we can assist you with.
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DataFlex is the next generation Open Banking API that provides more than just banking transactions. It incorporates in-line analytics, statistics and categorisation all within an easy-to-implement API. This single API gives you a complete picture of a consumer’s finances in seconds.

Sub-second automated categorisation of transactions provides insights into a consumer’s income and expenditure that can be used for debt advice and lending decisions. It detects social benefit income and can automatically assess if someone could qualify for benefits.


Income & Expenditure Insights

Benefit Detection

Open Banking Transactions

More about DataFlex

DataFlex enables access to Account Information Services (AIS) for banks across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. AIS enables secure access to consumers’ financial information from multiple accounts in real-time. DataFlex provides access to financial data including account balances, transaction amount and date. We can provide you a list of the bank and accounts we support on request. You can decide if you want the full open banking data that a particular bank wants, or just a sub-set. The API enables you to set retention periods to suit your particular use case.

DataFlex is very easy to implement. We provide an integration layer to enable developers to rapidly integrate the API into existing operational systems. Developers can use any language to call the API, including Python, C++, and Java.

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Affordwise credit scores are used extensively for credit risk assessment in the subprime sector – a sector that is growing annually to around 30% of consumers. Scores are calculated based on the consumer’s actual and most recent financial activity.

Affordwise provides a fair, quick, consistent and predictive credit risk score. This helps your consumer because they get an accurate assessment of their credit situation and what their potential is for increasing credit or repaying debt whilst helping your firm obtain more optimal business outcomes.

Credit Scoring

FCA Regulated


Data Driven

More about Affordwise
We are a regulated consumer credit reference agency. This means that we are permitted by the FCA to provide you an assessment about your consumer’s credit worthiness.

Unlike many credit reference agencies, we do not retain your consumer’s information on file. This reduces the possibility of data theft and mis-selling. To create a credit score, we instead use technology to access your consumer’s latest financial banking information and use advanced analytics and a training dataset, with over one billion records provided by subprime lenders and debt management firms, to determine creditworthiness.

Our credit scores are very important because they are the only ones focused exclusively on the subprime sector. They help your consumers because the scores are a fair and current assessment of their credit situation and what their potential is for credit default.

Compared to the big three, our scores are far more focused. Because we do not create vaults of consumer data like the other credit reference agencies, we can keep our pricing low and quality high. Meaning that you can credit score every consumer without breaking your budgets.

Some lenders require loan information is shared with other CRA’s. As a fully regulated credit reference agency, we can share your consumer credit information with others if you want us to.

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"The credit reference industry needs to be re-invented. Vaults of consumer data that is sold to the highest bidder is not the way forward."

"If you were building a credit score today, it would be just like Affordwise."

"Affordwise is a groundbreaking credit score service targeted at operators in the subprime space."

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Family Connect® is our regulated consumer service that helps vulnerable consumers appoint an advocate to help them avoid debt, scams and fraud. We can provide Family Connect as a sponsored service for your customers which helps you meet your consumer duty obligations and assists those who are vulnerable.

White Labelling

Our Family Connect service is available to be integrated into your current business with customised branding and features.

FCA Regulated


Consumer Focussed

Open Banking

Consulting Services

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Data Science

We leverage real value from your data assets and use our assets to provide an understanding of your credit risks, build a data strategy, and learn how to share data with other lenders and credit reference agencies for mutual benefit.

With our combined data assets and data science skills, we build affordability and credit risk models for deployment on your systems.

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Design & Build

We bring together all our services and technology to create complete solutions for our customers, from lending platforms to credit risk solutions. We can bring in our extensive data sources to optimise the solutions.

We work with a number of partners such as AWS, IBM, Salesforce and Slick to implement sector leading business systems.

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Business Advisory

The provision of open banking and credit referencing is a regulated service. We have in depth skills and knowledge of the consumer credit act as well as the payment service regulations.

All our solutions and services comply to regulations and we provide advice and guidance on how to build compliant consumer journeys.

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