What is Family Connect?

Family Connect provides financial oversight and support for your family. Parents can use it to help their children manage money. Adult children can assist elderly parents with financial management. Family members can keep an eye on transactions for those with additional needs. For more information take a look at our guides.

Who is a ‘supporter’ and who is an ‘account holder’?
A supporter provides financial oversight for someone who needs help with their banking. Once the person receiving the help accepts the supporter’s invitation to share a view of their bank transactions, they’re then referred to as an ‘account holder’. The supporter can then keep watch for any unexpected account transactions and provide help and advice to the account holder.
What does a supporter do?
A supporter can view an account holder’s bank transactions without direct access to their bank account. They become a supporter by sending a Family Connect invitation to someone they wish to help, asking them to connect and share a view of their bank transactions. If the invitation is accepted, the account holder agrees to share their information and the supporter can start viewing their transaction details, providing a second pair of eyes to help with their finances.

The supporter can’t access the account holder’s bank account directly, make payments for them or stop payments. The account holder remains in control and can use their money as they wish. They can also stop a supporter viewing their information at any time by logging into the service and removing their connection to them.

How does Family Connect access a bank account?
Family Connect accesses bank accounts using ‘Open Banking’. This is a service provided by all banks to allow services registered with the Financial Conduct Authority to access banking information with the account holder’s consent. Family Connect uses Open Banking to retrieve and store bank transactions. These are then shown to the account holder’s chosen supporters.

The account holder can request that bank transactions held by Family Connect are deleted, or they can prevent supporters from viewing them.

How do I register?
Simply register and enter your details (you’ll need to give your name, address, email address and mobile number). Everything can be done online in minutes.

All supporters and account holders must register before they can use the service.

How do I invite an account holder?
You invite an account holder by completing a simple online form. If the invite is accepted, you’ll be able to see the account holder’s bank transactions. They can change their mind at any time and stop you viewing their bank transactions. You can invite more than one person.
What does Family Connect cost?

It’s free to register. The supporter pays £2.95 per month, after a free trial period, to see their own bank transactions and to support one account holder. For £4.95 per month the supporter can connect to up to five account holders. An account holder who’s being supported doesn’t pay anything.

More details about fees and the free period are in the service terms of use.

Why is Family Connect not free of charge?
It costs us money to provide the service. Other service providers might offset these costs by selling your data or showing you lots of adverts. However, we have a strict policy to use your data only to provide the Family Connect service. Because we have real costs to cover we think it is fairest to charge a small subscription fee. That way you receive a quality service and your data is kept secure.
What happens to my existing bank account?
Nothing changes. You keep and manage your existing bank accounts as before.
What do I need to use Family Connect?
You need an email address, a mobile phone and a connection to the internet.
What do you use my personal data for?
We only use your information to provide you with the Family Connect service.
How will you contact me?
We may contact you by phone, text message or email.

Normally, we won’t phone you. If, in exceptional circumstances, we do need to phone you, it will be during normal office hours. We may ask you to confirm your name but won’t ask for any other personal or security details. We’ll never ask for your password or bank account details.

We’ll send a text to your phone during registration. You’ll also get a text if you change your phone number or if we don’t recognise a device you’re using. Texts from us will have the name ‘HopeMacy’ and won’t show a telephone number. You won’t be expected to reply to a text from us. We’ll never send a link to a website in a text message, nor will we ask for payments or security information.

We send you emails to update you on the transactions of the person or people you’re supporting. You can change the frequency of these emails from the Settings page at any time. You can also email us at support@hopemacy.com.

Which bank and building society accounts can I access?
As long as the bank or building society account you want to see can be accessed online, it’ll work. Most accounts allow this. We support all UK banks and building societies. There’s a list here.
Can I view credit card transactions?
Yes, provided the credit card is supplied by a UK bank and transactions can normally be viewed online.
How do I connect to my bank or building society account?
You can connect to your own bank accounts by selecting ‘Add Account’. You then select your bank or building society from a list. You’ll be directed to follow instructions on your bank or building society website. Your bank will list your accounts and let you choose the ones you wish to connect to.
Will I need to share my bank login details?
No, you don’t share your bank login details.
Can I use a joint bank or building society account?
Yes. You should first try to connect to your joint account. If this doesn’t work then you and the other joint account holder should contact your bank or building society and ask for the account to be made accessible through Open Banking. You should then be able to connect to the account.
How do I disconnect my bank or building society account?
At any time, you can disconnect your bank or building society accounts from Family Connect by logging in, finding the account in the menu and selecting ‘Manage’. You can then choose to remove the account from Family Connect.

The disconnection won’t affect the normal operation of your bank or building society account.

How do I leave the service?
You can leave by selecting ‘Delete Registration’ at the bottom of the Settings page. Your connected bank account information will no longer be visible to your supporters and they won’t get alerts. Leaving doesn’t affect your bank or building society accounts.
How do I recover a password?

Family Connect does not offer a password recovery service. If you have forgotten your password please send an email to support@hopemacy.com and we will contact you prior to deleting your account. You will then need to re-register and set up your supports or account holders again.

I’m worried about how someone uses Family Connect. What should I do?
You should first discuss it with the person you’re concerned about. If you’re still worried after talking with them, you should contact us by email. We may suspend their registration if Family Connect isn’t suitable for them. We may ask you for additional information but we won’t always be able to provide you with updates on our actions, for example when we need to refer your concerns to external agencies.