Keep teenagers in credit

As your teenagers spend, we automatically keep you informed. You can make sure they have money available, encourage them to start saving and watch them achieve their goals.
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Someone special to you

Family Connect helps you support a person you care for to use their bank account. You get notifications about their spending – without actually accessing their account – so you can help them avoid money mistakes while they stay independent.

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It’s better together

You’re stronger as a team. Family Connect helps you and your partner see your accounts side by side and manage finances together.

Giving back to parents

Caring for older parents can be stressful. When you can keep watch on their spending and check on bill payments, it’s one less thing to worry about.

A message from the CEO

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“As a parent of a teenager with additional needs, I was worried about how he would manage his money. I looked around for a banking service to help him and found nothing that was suitable. Having worked all my life with technology in the banking sector I knew I could create something that could help my family and my friends. A service that’s valuable, simple and transparent. So we created Family Connect to provide the support that I believe people need.

There are many people who may need help with their finances – older parents or children living away from home for the first time. They need their independence but may want support and reassurance too. Our service allows supporters to have oversight of all spending and saving, so they can step in quickly if problems occur.

Why not give Family Connect a try and see if it helps you too? Register now – it’s quick and easy.”

Sam Manning

Sam Manning


How we help

Family Connect, the ground-breaking service from Hope Macy, lets you view the bank transactions of a person you want to support. They don’t share their account details with anyone – even us. Using our simple app, you can choose to get email alerts detailing their spending, and view bank transactions whenever you wish. It gives you the peace of mind that you can keep an eye out for anything you might want to discuss with them.

Hope Macy is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to bring you Family Connect.

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Save Time

Our service sends you secure emails that summarise spending as it happens. You can then simply select to see the actual bank transactions and balance. You don’t need to log in – it’s incredibly easy to use. You can change the frequency of the emails you receive from us at any time.

Save Worry

We provide a secure online service where you can view all the family accounts, and all transactions for the past three months, in one place. You can use the service to cross-reference between accounts, checking bills are paid, money received and that nothing unexpected is happening.

Achieve Goals

Family members often have life goals such as saving for education or staying out of debt. They might want to limit what they spend on gaming activities or subscriptions. With Family Connect, you can help them achieve their goals by discussing their spending openly and transparently.

Less Effort

Family members don’t give you their bank account security details, they just give permission for you to see their transactions. You simply register with Family Connect and send them an invitation. They can grant permission in minutes, and will need to renew consent every three months, but then there’s nothing more they need to do.

Less Cost

There’s a small monthly fee you pay to support your family members, and it doesn’t cost them a penny. Considering the cost of unexpected overdrafts, ongoing scams and overspending, Family Connect could end up saving you money, as well as stress.
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Why Join?

Family Connect gives you back hours of time to care for your family rather than worry about their finances. It takes the stress out of financial management.

It gives you freedom to be out and about, knowing you’ll be notified about any family spending. We tell you all you need to spot missed or unexplained payments. You can even watch out for spending related to social issues such as gambling.

As well as being easy to join, it’s easy to leave. You and any family member can simply stop sharing information at any time. No contract, long-term commitments or hassle.