Stay Informed

Family Connect supplies the information you need to keep someone you care for financially independent. We send you email alerts about spending and you can then easily view their recent bank transactions – without logging into their bank account.

You can discuss any unusual spending and keep a watch over account activity. You can’t use Family Connect to make or stop payments, but you can offer a helping hand to keep them in credit, protect them from scams, and identify missed payments.

The service is safe and secure. It works alongside existing bank accounts and requires no new cards or change of bank. It only takes a few minutes to set up.

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Get email alerts about family spending.

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Online information

Click to view spend amounts and descriptions.

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View history

See detailed information about all transactions in minutes.

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Change the frequency of your alerts with ease.

As simple as 1-2-3

Once you register, send email invites to your family members. As soon as an invite is accepted, you’re authorised to view their bank transactions. There’s no sharing of security details, and you won’t be able to access their bank account or stop them using their money. For their peace of mind, they can leave the service whenever they want.

A whole family can connect with each other in a few minutes, all online and from the safety of their own home.


With your mobile phone and email address handy, register on this website and be up and running in a few minutes.



Once registered, send family members an invite. Once they accept, you can view their bank transactions.



View all family members’ bank and credit card accounts in one place and be notified automatically of any new transactions. Keep your family safe from scams and avoid debt.


Stay Connected

Once you’ve registered, we send an invite to the person you want to support. They then select the bank account or credit card they need help with. Family Connect contacts their bank to get a view of the account transactions and shares it with you.
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Free to Register

Register in a few minutes. Have your email address and phone to hand.

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No Prepaid Card

No need for an expensive prepaid card. No more plastic clutter.

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Works with all UK banks and most accounts – supports the Open Banking standard.

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Total Control

Leave when you want, start and stop sharing with ease. No long-term commitments.


It’s free to register for the Family Connect service.

You pay £2.95 per month to support one person or £4.95 per month to support up to five.

To make it easy to try the service, the first 21-days are free. There are no other hidden transaction costs and no long-term commitments. You’re free to leave the service whenever you want.

During registration you may be asked to enter a code that would have been sent to you by one of our partner companies, if you have such a code enter it during the registration process and you will not incur any fees from us provided the code remains valid.

Please refer to our service terms of use below for full pricing information and details about the free trial period.