Innovative Fintech solutions for responsible financial service providers to help their vulnerable consumers gain fair access to finance and manage debt more effectively. Powered by AI, machine learning and open banking technologies we are driven by a desire to make life easier for those in need.

Consumers in this sector are often hard to credit risk because of a lack of credit information. We have deployed our technology for a variety of companies that are now able to identify credit risks for consumer’s that have limited or no credit files.

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Case studies

Clients use our services to enhance access to financial services for consumers that present as financially vulnerable. Here is a selection of clients that we have assisted.

Adage Credit logo

Pin-point credit risk

Adage are a responsible finance lender based in London, providing loans to low-income and vulnerable consumers. It was essential that a risk assessment was undertaken to determine the probability of default.

Adage implemented DataFlex and Affordwise to obtain the consumer’s open banking data and provide a credit score.

In less than a second, Adage can view a consumer’s financial behaviour and using Affordwise, make a credit decision.

Incomemax logo

Maximise income to avoid debt

IncomeMax are one of the largest income optimization firms that work with creditors to assist consumers find additional income – such as from benefits.

We implemented a new platform for IncomeMax based on Salesforce and integrated our DataFlex API. This assisted the firm’s agents to rapidly determine the benefits and grants that could be paid to a consumer. This saved agent’s time and provided a more accurate service for consumers.

United Cash logo

Ability to pay

United Kash are a debt purchaser, and to implement a collections strategy for a consumer, a rapid and accurate assessment of affordability is needed. By implementing DataFlex, United Kash were able to catagorise a consumer’s income and expenditure online and in seconds.