A quarter of UK consumers hold current accounts with more than one bank, so when two people get together that can mean a lot of savings, credit, and joint accounts to keep track of.

Family Connect is an easy way to bring all your account information together with your partner’s in one place. You don’t share security details with each other – or us – it’s completely secure. You won’t be accessing each other’s accounts and can’t make or stop payments, you simply get a ‘view only’ look at their transactions thanks to ‘Open Banking’ rules introduced in 2017.

You can view all your transactions and balances side by side, making planning for the future much easier.

It takes just minutes to set up:

From the service dashboard, send an invite to the parent you want to help.
Once they accept and select their bank, you’ll need to follow some quick security steps and then you can start viewing their transactions straight away.
Now you can choose to get an email updates about transactions, so you can keep an eye out for anything unexpected.