Registering and setting up the connection between account holder and supporter in Family Connect couldn’t be simpler.

The account holder is the person that needs assistance with their banking.

The supporter is the person appointed by the account holder who can view the account holder’s transactions using Family Connect. Remember the supporter never gains access to the account holder’s actual bank account through the Family Connect service.

You’ll each need a few things before you get started:

Access to the internet, an email address, a mobile phone number.

    You’ll each need to know the exact email address and mobile phone number of the other person (that they will be using/have used to register).

      A desktop/ laptop/ tablet or mobile phone. We find it’s easiest to register on a mobile.

        Set aside some quality time with each other, and discuss any goals you have for using Family Connect.


          A quiet space, you can set up remotely but we would recommend getting together face to face if possible.


            You will each need to set a password containing a minimum of 8 characters, an uppercase letter, a lower case letter and a number.


              Once you are ready, follow the simple steps below to get connected:

              It takes just minutes to set up:

              Firstly, both the account holder and supporter will need to register.
              Once registered, the supporter can log in to Family Connect and send an invitation to the account holder.
              Once the account holder has accepted the invite, they can decide if they want to give the supporter view only access to their information.