Do you want to help monitor investments for someone you care about?

Investing is a great way to be prepared for future events. There are many ways to save and benefit such as a simple savings accounts, ISA’s, premium bonds, stocks and shares along with more traditional investments and pensions.

Whilst Family Connect cannot give you direct access into these sorts of accounts, most investment accounts will have what is called a feeder account that is used for transferring money into and out of an investment account. A feeder account (or sometimes called a ‘linked account’) is normally a regular bank account, and you can use Family Connect to give you visibility into the feeder account activity.

For example, if your account holder has an ISA, then you as a family may wish to be notified of any withdrawals that would go into a feeder account. By using Family Connect you will be notified if there are any payments into or out of the feeder account.

When you’re ready to get started, it just takes a few minutes to register for the Family Connect service.