By the time your children are in their teens, it’s likely they’ll already be ‘expert’ spenders, with payment cards or mobile apps at their fingertips. But good money management and budgeting take a bit longer to learn.

Family Connect is an easy way to offer a bit of support without getting in the way of their independence.

This service offers a way to check in on their spending without the loading charges and limits of a pre-paid card. With Family Connect they can have a real bank account so they can build the skills they’ll need to manage their money in the future, as they get a savings account or credit card.

They don’t share their bank security details with you – or us – it’s completely secure. You won’t be accessing their account and can’t make or stop payments, you simply get a ‘view only’ look at all their transactions. This ‘Open Banking’ practice has been standard since 2017.

You can safely keep watch on how they’re using their bank account, viewing next to yours on your mobile or desktop. You can support them to achieve a savings target, and we can email you up to four times a day to inform you on their spending. Once they’re confident to go it alone you can simply stop using the service and they can keep the bank account they’re already used to.

Once your teenager has a bank account, it takes just minutes to set up the service:

From the service dashboard, send an invite to your teenager.
Once they accept and select their bank, you’ll need to follow some quick security steps and then you can start viewing their transactions straight away.
You’ll get notifications on their spending, including if they get close to zero balance.
You have the information you need to discuss their spending and offer advice on budgeting.