Money management can be difficult for all of us. But if you’re caring for someone with additional needs, it can be a major worry that that person could be targeted by scammers.

Family Connect is a useful tool for carers to get an overview of account activities and offer a bit of money-management support.

The service gives you a ‘view only’ look at the bank transactions of someone who needs your help. They don’t share their bank security details with you – or us – it’s completely secure. You won’t be accessing their account, can’t make or stop payments, and don’t need power of attorney. This ‘Open Banking’ practice has been standard since 2017 and allows the account holder to withdraw consent to share information with you at any time, in which case you can cancel the service if you wish.

You can safely keep watch on how the person you’re caring for is using their bank account, check bills are being paid, and get notifications about any transactions you might want to discuss with them.

It takes just minutes to set up:

From the service dashboard, send an invite to the person you want to support.
Once they accept and select their bank, you’ll need to follow some quick security steps and then you can start viewing their transactions straight away.
Now you can choose to get an email updates about transactions, so you can keep an eye out for anything unexpected.