How to support an account holder

Once you have followed our simple steps to register, you’ll want to get acquainted with how to view an account holder’s information.

Sign in and you’ll be taken to the home page.

Select the ‘Offer Support’ button and then provide the details of the account holder as instructed.

The account holder will then be notified and asked to provide your details as instructed.

Provided the account holder wants to share their information, you will be notified by email. You will be able to see them listed in your account and you will be notified when transactions occur on their account.

There are various other settings you can make, such as how often you want to be updated on the account holders activity. To see these settings, select ‘Settings’.



What will you see?

As a supporter, you will be able to view the last 3 months of the account holders bank transactions. You will not be able to view the account holders bank account directly and you will not be able to log onto their bank account from Family Connect.