Some life changes we choose. Others can be sudden, unexpected or stressful. However they happen, big changes are distracting.

Faced with major life events, our minds shift and we might lose focus in managing and protecting our money. The Financial Conduct Authority gives examples such as bereavement, job loss or relationship breakdown as events that can leave us vulnerable to financial loss.

It’s when events like this happen that people might need support and reminders of the need to pay extra attention to possible fraud or scams, as well as the risk of simply making financial mistakes.

There are, unfortunately, many examples of life changes leading to money worries. For some who have had to take retirement earlier than expected, shock has led them to rush into adapting their homes, perhaps being overcharged, spending more than they could afford, and eventfully being driven into debt.

For those people who’ve lost partners, adapting to life alone with a single income isn’t all they need to cope with. If they’re missing companionship, it can mean they become targets of romance fraud – where someone poses as someone who wants to befriend them, but then asks for money. If transfers are made willingly, it can result in unrecoverable financial loss.

If you’re concerned about someone close to you who has experienced a life-changing event, it can be hard to raise the increased financial risk they might face, on top of everything else they’re coping with. But if you can, reach out and let them know you’re ready to help.

There’s a quick, inexpensive tool that can help you offer a bit of support while they get back on their feet.

Family Connect is a service that allows you to keep an eye on their financial affairs for them without having access to their accounts and without any need for them to share their security details. With their consent, you can keep a watch on their transactions, check bills are being paid, and spot anything unexpected, all from arm’s length. When they’re able to focus again, you can simply turn the service off.

When you’re ready to get started, it just takes a few minutes to register for the Family Connect service.