As an account holder, Family Connect allows you to view your bank transactions without needing to log onto your bank account, this could be very useful when you are out and about, you prefer to only do your online banking at home, or feel uneasy about having a full function banking app on your phone.

If you have a supporter, such as mum or dad, or a sibling, then you may want to allow them to view your bank transactions to keep you safe and watch out for any unusual account activity that might worry you but at the same time you do not want them to have access to your personal bank account.

If you want a supporter to view your bank transactions, remember they are not able to log onto your bank, they are only able to view your account transactions through Family Connect.

Also remember that Family Connect cannot be used for making payments or changing any arrangements with your bank. This is in order to protect you from others and making mistakes.

Add an account

If you want someone to be able to view your bank transactions with Family Connect, you need to add the account to the Family Connect app, to do this, select the ‘Add Account’ button and follow the instructions.

Stop a supporter viewing your account information

There are two ways to do this, the first way is to delete the supporter (they are no longer able to view any of your accounts). 

The other is to delete the bank account connection and neither the supporter or you will be able to continue to view your statements using Family Connect.